Number of Tigers in the pic - Answer is 18

The pic of finding the number of Tigers went viral through WhatsApp and other social networks. You can find the original art work that went viral below

Most People found the number of Tigers in the pic to be 16. Even many websites returned search results to be 16. You can see the easy 16 Tigers marked in red below.

But the number of Tigers actually in this pic is 18. Yes! It may surprise you. Below the 17th and 18thth ones are highlighted in red

Yes it may look kind of abstract art first. But once you recognise them you can't continue to see the 17th and 18th as branch and bunch of leaves.

Every artist puts vast amount of time to find references and tweaking minute details. Kudos to whomever did this beautiful piece of art.

The principle underlying of the hiding of the images is 'negative spacing' and you can find them easily if you have a good visual database.

NOTE: I was able to find them because I am a graphic designer. 

Please share this link to let others know the true work of the artist. 

Thanks and have a nice day !

Free HTML Hosting by google drive with your own custom domain

Yes it is fully possible to host your website safely with google drive and add your domain ( to it. Forget old days of paid hosting and save your hosting money.Let me explain steps in easiest ways possible

1.Sign in to google drives and upload your website folder.Create sub folders whenever necessary ( chrome allows folder upload directly ) and upload appropriate contents.

2.Click on 'Sharing' and then 'Advanced' and then 'Change'. Set it to 'On-Public on the Web'. and then click Save.

3.Now before clicking 'done'  copy the url and separate the driver id from it.

4.Now enter '[driver id] ' and view it in your browser to see if its working correctly.


Redirecting from godaddy to google drive folder.Same process applies for all domain providers.If you dont have a godaddy account signup here []

1.Login in to your godaddy account.Next to domain click 'Launch'. Click on domain name to go to settings page.

2.Under forwarding select 'Manage' Click 'Add one now' and then 'Forward Settings' to 'Forward with masking

3.Enter 'Title' of website.'Description' to Appear in searchengines and 'Keywords' for search engine optimization.

4.Keep 'Update my DNS setting to support this change' checked on and save.

5.Wait for few miutes to update server and BINGO! we now officialy have our free host from google

click2employment fraud ,scam website

click2employment is a fraud website which has callrats(call-centre people) who call people assuring them job from top companies.They ask you to pay money for jobs.They called me yesterday and asked to pay 1550 Rs for job in Larsen and tubro.The guy brainwashed me saying that the job will be guaranteed 110%. I had only 800 rs in my savings account debit card and i said to that callrat that i don't have that much amount.

He immediatly asked how much was there in my account and asked me to pay only Rs. 730.I believed him blindly and payed the amount through the debit card.He guided me through telephone to pay the amount online.

After an hour  he called me back and said "Sir you have to complete another process and have to pay Rs.2250  again to proceed for registeration.You have to complete it within today to register for L&T.

I was tensed after all i had no money in my account.I couldn't scold him because i knew he would cut the call.I politly asked "Sir i could not pay the amount.I will pay it after i have my first month sallary.I have no money at present .could you please make that for me?"

He replied "Oh sorry sir you have to make the payment now ... or else... you will not have completed the registeration". I was taken aback.He didn't even mention that on the first call.

I then asked him"Ok sir.I don't have the money now....Please refund the money 730 Rs to me"

The callrat replied "Oh never.We can't refund the amount" and hanged the phone down ravishly without even letting me to reply to him.

I tried calling them back.But they are calling from a call center number that is not accepting incoming calls.

My Rs 730 is gone away.....hogaiya.....i am left out in a terrible situation with no money and i didn't even tell to my parents about that.....

Don't even think about bribing jobs from a third party company with no assurance.Please don't get in the pit like me.

Photoshop CS 5 extended installer internet connection issue [SOLVED]

Unable to connect to the internet

You must have a working internet connection to use this product.Please check your connection settings and choose try again.If you still experience problems contact customer support

this annoying error will flashe when you install  photoshop cs5 extended  and try to register it using a serial


STEP1.Close the dialog box and exit the program

STEP2.Download these amtlib.dll files

STEP3.Browse the folder where photoshop is installed  (for example.. C:\Program Files 86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5\ )

STEP4. Paste this amtib.dll file in the location.

STEP5..Change hosts file found in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc
 open with notepad and change it as in the box below

Now open Photoshop and hurray! you have succesfully restored it back

NOTE: Donot change the bit versions of the amtlib.dll file and the software won't work.

Aircell oneday SMS Pack

If you want to recharge for oneday SMS pack with aircell dial

validity - one day 50 local and national SMS

to cancell this service dial

Note: This SMS pack worked for tamilnadu. I don't know about other states

Is Hitleap Adsense Safe

HitLeap is the free traffic exchange website.You can easily add your site for Hitleap and stay cool to get traffic .But the thing come around in most of the people mind is whether Hitleap is Adsense safe Some people also have a thought that by  getting only  impressions  not clicks and that way  adsense would not be able to get them.Congratulations ,you are completely WRONG !
 Don't ever go with people buffing that HitLeap will give you good traffic because they come out to be referrers who get a referral amount of your usage.
Even the youtube videos getting Hitleap views are trcked easily by Adsense.Although a premium account will have things going for a while botting will cause a permanent ban of adsense.

Final words:
Have  good website and optimized SEO that will give you good earnings through Adsense.Cheating will never pay you.

How to find the IMEI number of a datacard

So you are looking to unlock your Data card/USB modem,but don't know its IMEI number.It's easy to find IMEI number of any data card by the simple steps using Hyper terminal program.

What is HyperTerminal ?
  •     Hyper Terminal is a program available in default for Windows XP for Modem Configurations
(Start menu->Programs->Accessories->Communications->HyperTerminal)
  •     Hyper Terminal is not available in default for Windows7 and Windows 8.It can be downloaded here :


153.33 KB

Download and extract the contents to desktop (Desktop\hyper\).Now you have got HyperTerminal in your system.Connect your Data card to your PC or Laptop through the USB port and proceed doing following steps.

        At first we need to find the port number (unique number of each USB port)to which your device is connected

For Windows XP
1.Go to  Start menu->Settings->Control Panel
2.  Find "Phone and Modem Options" in the Control Panel and open it
3. On the Modems tab you will find the COM port in the "Attached to"Column of your wireless modem.Make a note of it.

For Windows 7 and Windows 8
 1.Go to  Start menu->Control Panel -> Devices and Printer
 2.Under the Devices group find your 'Modem Name ' . Right click on it and select modem settings.
 3.On the Modems tab you will find the COM port in the "Attached to"Column of your wireless modem.Make a note of it.


   For Windows XP, Open HyperTerminal from the communications category.
(Start menu->Programs->Accessories->Communications->HyperTerminal)
   For Windows 7/Windows 8 ,Open HyperTerminal from the hyper folder.

    1.In the Connection Description window, enter a name into the Name field and click OK.
    2.Selection of an Icon is not required.

    3.In the "Connect To" window, leave the Phone Number blank..In the "Connect Using" field, select the COM port where the PC card(modem) is connected. Click OK.

4.       Under Port Settings, select the "Bits per second" field to display 115200. Leave the default values in all of the other fields and click OK.

 5.   Type ATE1 and press Enter.
 6.   An OK message will return. The AT command will echo all sent commands back on screen.
 7.   Type AT+CGSN and press Enter.

8.Now you will get the IMEI Number of your data card.

End of the day, I made this video to provide elaborative help


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